Our Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility
At SWISS TRUST DELIVERY we take our responsibility to do what’s right for Customers and Colleagues very seriously.


SWISS TRUST DELIVERY ensures that best value is derived from all purchases whilstdelivery-service-signature minimising risk and ensuring the highest standards from all selected suppliers. Written policies and procedures are in place to ensure that when suppliers are selected due consideration is given to the following:

Environmental Sourcing

It is SWISS TRUST DELIVERY ’s intention to only deal with suppliers who operate with a particular level of responsibility towards the environment. This includes sources of materials and disposal of products and waste.

Ethical Sourcing

SWISS TRUST DELIVERY chooses only to deal with suppliers that can demonstrate the highest ethical standards. This includes the use of no forced labour, no child labour, no physical punishment and no discrimination on the basis of sex or race.

Legislative Compliance

Selected suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they meet all appropriate legislation both operationally and on a product by product basis.

Compliance to Regulatory and Professional Standards

Selected suppliers must be able to demonstrate they meet all regulatory and professional standards applicable to any contracts.

In addition to the above all contractors who work on SWISS TRUST DELIVERY premises are assessed as to their suitability and to ensure they have the appropriate training and insurances in place.